Uploading data to the Data Store and viewing in the Discovery EnvironmentΒΆ

For a comprehensive guide please see here

For this tutorial we will use the publicly-available BayesR example data, which we can upload using the “importing from URL” method.

  1. In the Discovery Environment, click the Data button on the left-hand side. Here we’ll create a new folder to import the data to.
  2. With the Data window open, click on your user name and then file -> new folder. Any name works– here we’ll use “BayesRData”
  3. With “BayesRData” open, click upload -> import from URL.
  4. In another tab, browse to https://github.com/syntheke/bayesR/tree/master/example/. BayesR requires .BED, .BIM, and . FAM files to run, so you’ll need to upload simdata.bed, simdata.fam, and simdata.bim to your DE folder.
  5. To upload the data, open the file on github and then right-click on “Raw” to copy the link address. You can then paste this into the “upload from URL option” in the Discovery Environment.